The early days of the Hall


In the early days kettles for tea were boiled in Brook Villa (next door) where the caretakers, Mr and  Mrs Robert Hayter lived. They carried them through the connecting passageway (now the gents’ loo) into the Hall to provide many cups of tea. The first public event recorded in the Seely Hall was suitably educational and extremely popular:


A very interesting address at the Parish Rooms on THE MOON was given to a large and attentive audience. The lecture was illustrated by a series of very beautiful photographic views thrown on a sheet from a powerful oxy-hydrogen gas lantern. 

IOW County Press, December 23rd 1893


In 1896 we hear of a more light-hearted use of the Hall for a free parish concert. Jack Valerie was a popular singer and a family friend of Rev. Morris:

A large and enthusiastic  audience assembled and many items obtained encores. Mr Valerie’s description of himself as ‘Longshoreman Billy’ and Miss Bartram’s charming rendering of ‘Dolly’s Revenge’ were all greatly appreciated. The resolute attitude and the refrain of the local police afforded much amusement… ‘The Two Gendarmes’ was sung by Mr J Valerie & Rev. R L Morris and ‘The Verdict was...’ by Miss Sylvia Seely.



The Seely Hall has been the venue for many entertainments over the past 120 years and has been much appreciated by villagers past and