The Hall's place in village life 1950s

Brook Social Club minutes for 1950 and 1951 show that the club was open to people of 12 to 100 years. Membership was one shilling and Club nights which included billiards and table tennis were held on Wednesdays from 7-9pm.

The money collected contributed to village social evenings such as the firework display on 5th November (held in the field behind the Seely Hall). In May 1951 an outing: was arranged through the British Railways to the Festival of Britain exhibition on London’s South Bank.

There are signs of a possible dispute between the younger members as we read in the Minutes that: a decision was made that the girls should be allowed to play billiards; also that the boys should have the table tennis for one hour and the girls one hour each evening.

Harvest and Lifeboat suppers were well-attended each year and a Valentine’s Dance was a most popular annual event until the early 1960s. The Seely Hall has also been the venue for many wedding receptions and private gatherings. Events such as weekly whist drives, annual plant sales and jumble sales have been needed to meet the ever-increasing costs of running and maintaining the Hall.