Like all good fishermen, the best places for catching fish in living memory was a secret known only to Alf and David Hookey. Anne Ham (Hookey) remembers how: when it came to divulging any of his fishing grounds, Uncle Alf was close. My brother was of the same mind, BUT David did at the very last tell my husband, George, where to fish for BASS......Guaranteed !! Sadly though, George was sworn to secrecy... Janet Ash (Stone) remembers:

My partner Len, a keen angler, was told many times by Uncle Bert about an occasion when he was fishing with Alf Woodford. They would row the boat out a fair distance, dropping the net, then row back in a big circle, dragging the net in. When Bert could touch the sea bed with his oar, Alf would jump out ready to pull the boat in. On one occasion Bert gave the ok and Alf jumped out. Unfortunately on this particular occasion he jumped into a gully and disappeared, only his cap was left floating on the water. He did surface but Bert found it highly amusing. Each time he told the story, and he told it a lot, he would find it more amusing. I can remember the fish being sold to neighbours on a Sunday morning from tin baths in the shed. They were big fish with very red gills and I remember how tasty they were. No doubt they were fried in butter!!